Cooking: Pistachio Encrusted Sole

Cooking with Chef Daniel Teodoro from Ristorante Pizzico
it being sort of a light white fish, but what looks to be is going to be a crispy outer coating there. >> pecan encrusted. >> what do we do? >> we’re going to start with finishing the sauce. go ahead and add the fresh butter. this is about a tablespoon. that can go right in there. >> what’s in the sauce again? >> sauce is garlic, white win, garlic, pinch of salt and we’re going to be argued the butter. fresh tomatoes are going to go in there. all of them going to go right in. >> one tomato? >> that’s actually two tomatoes. >> this why aprons. >> a little splash. >> turning the heat up just a little bit there. >> you don’t have to puree or crush? >> no, just break it down. this is one of the favorites, it’s been there for 20 years. >> you guys are on hope street? >> 762 hope. we’re going to start with the fish. pan sear the fish. it should stick on nice. extra virgin olive oil. you want t



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