Cooking: Pique A Lo Macho

We’re cooking Pique a Lo Macho with Los Andes Restaurant.
t like a traditional meal, to really hold you, it’syo one of those stick to your ribs meals. >> the nice thing about the a dish, you have to a nice crispy potatoes. >> this has aha latin flare to it.ar >> definitely does. >> this is not n german, this is not irish or any european dish. >> it has a latin flavor. la >> bolivian.bo >> we’re going to start off by putting olive oil if a preheated pan.n. >> oh. >> you want tto seal what’s in the meat. >> you can c season the meat if you like. sprinkle the mix on top. >> what’s in that. >> salt and garlic g powder. you want to throw it on this. >> 3 it right in or — 3 it rightri in? >> sure. oh, yeah. now are we almost efrying the meat essentially? >> we’re just going to pan sear the outside of it until it’s golden brown, andro it’s goings to give a lot of flavor to the wine both we’ll create towards the end. d.>> so we’re going towego creater



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