Cooking: Pasta Fagioli And Escarole And Bean Soups

Cooking with Joe Zito, TV Maitre D and Chef John Granata from Camille’s.
kitchen, cooking up some hearty soups with chef john from camille’s restaurant, which is a great restaurant which i absolutely love and i thought it was really interesting because in the break you just told me that these soups are kind of similar, you’re just kind of changing out a couple of ingredients, so if you’ve got a few of the ingredients but not the others, you can make either one. >> exactly. the base of the soup is the same in both. you basically have your garlic, then your your beans. >> — then you have your beans. that’s are canillini beans. a sauce, olive oil, garlic, fresh tomatoes of any kind, base i will and salt and pepper and that’s basically it. this is a made to order pasta frijole. >> you guys are from the pasta frijole school. >> that’s the street version. >> got you. so now i see you’re putting in a little bit of butter. >> i put in butter, just to cream it. >> gi



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