Cooking: Party Appetizers

We’re cooking party appetizers and Ben Hague’s signature drink from The Rhode Show Search for a Star Primetime Special in the kitchen with Twist on Angell.
the kitchen right now with patrick little. >> most of our nights ended with the folks from twist on angell and our day is beginning with the folks from twist on angell. joining us this morning in “the rhode show” kitchen, it’s chef rob and jeff who are here this morning with cocktails and also some food as well. what have you guys got. >> >> always cocktails. >> happy hour somewhere. >> he’s always trying to get someone to drink a cocktail. >> what have you got. >> >> we’re not doing anything too intense, because half of your staff is a little tipsy. >> a little tired. >> we’re a little tired too, so we’re doing some simple things. we’re making caprese skewers and lamb chops and it’s grilled and served with a horseradish mayo type thing. >> i had a few of those latest system nice from twist on angell. and jeff what are you sipping over there, it doesn’t look like scope. >> this is a ben



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