Cooking: Pan Seared Scallops

We’re cooking Pan Seared Scallops with the Airport Grille.
itchen. pat, what’s going paon inha there now? >> what’s going upont’ is we i have the airport grille, it’s a restaurant at the airpauort, you can catch the planes take off and lapped. eat right there on the runway. >> not on the runway, but you get the view from thfre dining room. we have windowsavnd all across the dining room. it’s gorgeous inside. i >> this is chef robert cassi, he’s going to make some scallops for us.r >> pan seared scallops. >> how are you goi>>ng to ngputo these together? >> we have house cured pork belly that we cooked off a little bit,tt some 11 tells thatha we’re going to sear — lentils that we’rere going to sear off with butter and garlic. they’re named for beluga cavier, the smal l bit black size caviar, in black lentil, pan roastti brussel sprouts and my concoction of blended oil and aen little bit of chicken fat, gives it the extra flavor in there, and then



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