Cooking: Pan Seared Halibut Over Risotto

Cooking pan seared halibut over risotto with Chef Chris McGoveran and Stacey Pacheco from Dimon Vocational.
, stacey, i don’t know if you heard this, she actuallyct appears to be the be — >> she is on her way h to johnsonoh johnson & wales, one of the most famous culinary schoolsul in the area. you must be excitewood that. >> i am.>> >> i mispronounced your last name earlier, it’s chico. i apologize. you can call me vince v demented. >> that’s an even trade. tell mete how diman culinary arts has kind of set you up for johnson & wales. >> i’ve had like a lot of teachers throughout my four years at diman and i’ve learned so much from every single one ofgl them, so i’m really excited to go to johnson & wales j and take ak the scales i’ve learned. e >> you have a different skill set than some of your friends ou who are not into thehe culinary arts, right? >> yeah. >> i bet you a lot of guys want to dat e you too. >> vince is so looking for a woman that can cook. >> let’s move on. chri



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