Cooking: Pan Broiled Sea Bass

We’re cooking Pan Broiled Sea Bass in the kitchen with George’s of Galilee.
on today? >> today, we are joined by the owner of george’s of galilee, as g well as our chef,f, juliusju sampson ps abandon wee making — and ki we’re making a wonderful s wea bass recipe. what are the ingrediatents ween have? >> we have fresh chilean sea bass, we’re going to — finish it in the oven with a glaze. >> you were telling me before the show sh started that george’seo s was closed for winter break. when are you reopening again? a >> we’re reopening, it’s coming up, tomorrow. and the weather is going to be beautiful. over the weekend, so come by and look at the ocean and o enjoy th ee scenery with our signature dishes. this is the best time to visitis us, beca use our chefs put out a beautiful presentation of grefat food, they’re trying different combinations f or new season to come, so it’s your timeou to come and try our offerings, and help us share the next year’s menu. >> t



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