Cooking: Paella

We cooked Paella with Rhode Show viewer Pam Farmer.
will. >> went to spain when she was a w junior in high school, fell in f love with the country, with the food, withit everything, and that was it. that was it. and now paella. >> and lndooking it’s coming out pretty nicelyty here. this is just cholk of seafood. >> we have chorizo, mussels, clams, rice, saffron, of course, we have the shrimp, pork, chicken, and the main thing you do is you just keep on hydrating it with the water, you keep the rice cooking, it’s moist. >> now tell me this. i imagine that this would be a great dish for your leftovers. if you made kabobs with some shrimp or if mp you made kabobs with chicken and sausage and yousa have a little left over, anything you’ve got. >> anything you’ve got, you could throw in there.he >> that’s great.>> >> now how long has this been cooking for? >> about 20 minut>>es. >> ok. and from start to finish, how long is the process? >> star



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