Cooking On The Rhode Show

Cooking beef tenderloin with the chef from Capital Grille
welcome back to the kitchen. we are on the rhode show this morning is the chef from capital grille and we will be making up a beef tenderloin. what is the first step? it look like an intricate and complicated recipe. >> well, there’s three components to the reci.first we will start with our rinade. ant ehen w wi go to o herb vinegarette and finish up thhe roasted tomoend pper mpost. >> wtillwe p in t marinade? >> we will mix it into this. and if you were making this at home start with a blender and pulse your garlic. and pulse your shallots two or three times before you added the other ingredients. and tough chop the shallots. and the next part would be your olive oil. and once we get that semi mixed we end up adding the i can smell that already. >> aromatic dish. and the fresh parsley. and our fresh chives. and we have our fresh thyme. >> nice. >> and once you have that well blended our



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