Cooking On The Char-Griller

>> local memphis live continues with your host, amy speropoulos. >>amy: just in time for the memphis and made barbecue festival, we have got the expert live with us today, and he is going to introduce us to what is called the char miller. it is one of the leading united states grill brand offering a product lineup that are sure to meet any of your grilling needs. joining us live in our backyard is cooking with jack. let’s go live outside to see him. he has got his grill, hr griller ready to go. morning to you, jack. >> good. good morning. how are you? >> you look like you are doing a lot better then us in the studio. >> is an as i finish these ribs, they will be amazing. we are working with hr griller. we wanted to really demonstrate how simple it is and how versatile it is and how amazing it is. i am madly in love with this. >>amy: i love it. >> it’s awesome. anybody can do it i didn’t



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