Cooking: Native Fluke And Potato Salad

We’re cooking Native Fluke, Bally Machree potato-summer onion salad, Castle Hill herb Chimichurri with Newport Restaurant Group.
cambra from the newport restaurant group joing usin this morning. you were out in the communities and√≠czk partnered up with farm fresh rhode island to doo this very dish. tell me a little bit about the event. t.>> this was our third annuall castle hills, it’s a benefit for the non-profit organization,io called farm fre fsh rhode island, basically what it is, 15 farmers throughout the rhode island area and wineries and breweries, that were paired up with individualuph restaurants and what we did was utilize whatever it is bouwhntifuler right now, whatever the harvest was of this week, from the farmer that we wererm working with h and we paired up a dish with it and what we prepared was this fluke dish here today.sh e >> i loveov that. and of cd ourse,ou castle hills is one of my fe avorite places toit go, g st such a great locatiotn there e as part of the newport restaurant group. so i’m



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