Cooking: Moussaka

Cooking moussaka with Christine and Alexandria Kitsilis from Angelo’s.
>> moussaka! >> that’s what we’re making, baby. it is egg plant, lasagna. >> casserole. >> ok. >> all right. so now tell us what we need. what we’ve got here. >> you are going to add to the hamburger mixture, add the tomato sauce. >> tomato sauce. >> don’t mess around. >> the to paste. >> you’re going to put in the wine, the white wine that’s over there. >> yeah. how much wine? >> throw it all in, vince. >> throw it all in there? >> yeah, throw it in. >> you ladies now how to party and i’ll show you why, they brought these drinks. >> fresh parsley, ground pepper, italian peppers. parsley. >> ok. what else? >> people enjoy that on their outdoor patio. >> throw in the water. i’ll do that. >> she says come help me cook but then takes it right out of my hands. >> tell us about angelo’s, it’s a fantastic greek restaurant. >> my parents opened it in 1978, we are located on 133minden road. >> t



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