Cooking: Molcajete Azteca

We cooked Molcajete Azteca with Don Jose Tequilas.
a mixed grill, and what we use, we use volcano dish. >> this thing right here. >> volcano dish. we have our prepared chipotle sauce. very authentic. and we place everythin there. >> has that got some heat in it? >> it does. you’re supposed to serve it warm. >> but it has a little kick too. >> chipotle. the chipotle is a spiced pepper. >> make sure you have some water with it. >> you have to. >> or a margarita. >> or a margarita. we have great margaritas at the restaurant as well. and we show you how to make the guacamole. vince, can you please put some onions, a little bit of cilantro. a little bit of everything in there. a little onions, tomatoes, peppers. can you chap the chipotle. — grab the chipotle. >> watch this, maria. >> squeeze a little bit of lime in there as well. >> a little lime in there. >> mar- >> it’s very heavy. >> very heavy. >> i thought i could do it. >> a little pin



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