Cooking: Mexican Turkey Lasagna

Cooking Mexican turkey lasagna with Ellen Brown.
show” kitchen, ellen brown is with us. she has a fantastic book. soup to nuts meals for $3 or less. here’s the book. ellen, i just want to say real quick before we get started on our main meal, you already cooked a couple of meals for us. if you could pull that out. show everybody what that is. >> this is a chicken and sausage jambalaya, it’s a one pot meal, you zimmer it on top of the stove and it’s ready in 20 minutes. >> that’s one. this is? >> that is an olive and herb quick bread. >> you make that yourself, but you don’t have to let the yeast rise. >> it’s in the oven in five minutes. >> and 70 cents she said. >> and you can’t beat it with a stick. put it down. >> ok. >> now we’re making mexican pizza — i mean lasagna. >> mexican turkey lasagna, and vince, what you’re going to do is work on our filling, so we’re going to add some cilantro and green chiles and a couple of eggs, and



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