Cooking: Making Pasta From Scratch

Making pasta from scratch with Chef Jeff Burgess from Zooma.
in a restaurant, you only get life five ravioli. >> i will say jeff burgess from up on the hill, does not jip you. you get at least 10 raviolis in his restaurant. >> in my restaurant, it’s set up like a traditional italian tasting, so you have four or five courses and a dessert. >> some people order it as an entreeas i’ve done in many restaurants, and you wind up with five. >> i love the raviolis. they’re usually very, very good, and you want more and i’m not full, i’m not satiated. >> you like that? >> that was fair. >> but at jeff’s restaurant, i’m satiated. you get 10. >> well, jeff, show me how we make these. right now we’re just going to make the cheese ravioli. >> i’m just going to give you a demo. grab two spoons, grab a scoop. >> why do i need two spoons. >> so you don’t make a mess of your hands. >> all right. so i do this. >> grab a piece of dough, put it right to the middle an



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