Cooking: Making Beef 3 Ways

We’re cooking beef three ways with Chef John Granada of Camille’s.
ball.zz÷úbk >> i am the ultimate meat ball. >> did you seetózzwk these? look at the size of thesezzbk suckers. >>>> if i could throw a a curve ball with these, i would be in the national league.na >> mr. so: wants to run an through on the web site, we haheve s all the recipes for you, but b basically what we llwant to do is gogo over the t bolonaise, it normally has vehicle, pork andnd beef. if it’s not properly, you’re not going to know a big difference. so basically, bic, panchetta is the big key to this, which is a cured italian product. ro you’re going to brown that up were onions and greated carrots. tomatoes and garlic and thehe burger and we’re going to let that simmer for an hour half. fresh basil ates the end e and simmer that for another 15 er minutes and let that site.e. two hours later, you add the pasta to it and within two hours on a sunday aftertónozzon, yoík created



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