Cooking: Lone Star Carrot Cake

We’re baking Lone Star Carrot Cake with Chief Justice Frank Williams in The Rhode Show Kitchen.
are some lovely place cards that are showing the different ingredients that we have over here. we’re showing a shot of it earlier. >> they’re all very nicery. >> and was that you? >> my wife’sy idea. she’s a former kindergarten teacher. very organized.ve >> and i think that is half the battle. being organized.g >> but ask who doessk the cooking in t house?ho >> i do the t cooking and s che does the gardening.ng >> i love that though. i love that. so how are we going g to get startd in. st i >> first of all, we need anne oven,en preheated,at it’s convection, so it’s 25 degrees 2 gr less than what the recipe calls for because ther ise mo ivingvi the heat and usually about 10%ut less time in cooking or baking.ki >> what would thatha degree be? >> 325. >> for how long? >> well, you wantwa toto preheat itre i for 15 minutes.r mi the bakinge takes about 55 a minutes, but you’ve got to keep che



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