Cooking: Lobster Stuffed Filet Mignon

Chef Homer Ford cooks lobster stuffed filet mignon in the kitchen.
fabulous. >> oh my gosh. is this the ultimate surf and turf? >> it’s the ultimate. >> i doesn’t get any better than this. we’re making lobster stuffed tenderloin. just real quick. if people are doing this at home, although the price of lobster is like the price of chicken lately, but could they substitute out something, maybe crab meat or something like that? >> crab, shrimp. >> why would you want to? you know what i’m saying, homer? >> it’s lobster. >> that’s my point. >> so how are you going to get started here? >> well, i already stuffed one of the tenderloins. >> how do you do that? do you feed the cow the lobster, is this how it works? >> we just put them in the ocean until they crawl in. >> got you. >> what do you do, slice the fillet. >> i actually poke a little hole, right somewhere over there, with t knife, and then just kind of work my finger into it. >> work the spoon. >> just



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