Cooking: Lobster Salad

We’re cooking Lobster Salad with Camille’s.
at chickfest. >> i love it. >> you’re the only one. you’re a lucky man, joe zito. >> i feel like hugh hefner at my age. we are making great summer salads and this is chef andrea soave-nadeau from camille’s, a wonderful chef, i have to say that, but what we have here is haricot verts bib lettuce, sun dried sour cherries, there’s toasted nuts in a balsamic reduction, also with goat cheese. that’s our first offering and we have all the ingredients in line. >> the only thing i underst out of all of that is cherries and goat cheese. one of the gorgeous salads at camille’s. what else are we doing? >> dairy free lobster salad. i have two avocados. >> i love that i especially mayo on a hot day can be iffy. lighten it up a little bit i couldn’t. >> still creamy, still meaty, we’re going to mark these up a little bit. you want to keep them chunky, but want to feel like you have mayo in it. >> kind



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