Cooking: Lobster Ravioli

We’re cooking lobster ravioli with DiMare Seafood.
over to the kitchen. patrick, what’s cooking. >> >> owner tony and chef todd, tony, and todd, this morning making lobster ravioli. is this one of t the more popular dishes with your guys? >> it is. >> what goes into it, besides b es the star ofst tfhe show. we seidlan dana is the star of the recall –l we said, dana is the star of the show, but this guy is reallyy there star of theta show. what goes into your dish. >> fresh lobster meat, garlic, scallions, thickened lobster stock, tomatoes, heavy cream, c , and lobster. >> june one of — one of my complaints about lobster ravioli is there isn’t enough lobster. >> on each plate, there’s a quarter popped of lobster meat on top. >> so it’s like bonuson lobster. >> that’s good. we don’t want to let any of the t lobster to go toto t waste. te where are you located.e >> 626 county trail east greenwich. >> more with m the folks in the kitchen f



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