Cooking: Lobster Mango Spring Roll

Making lobster mango spring roll with Chef Franco from Aqua.
was actually impressed that i knew the term julienne and i can’t actually do it, but i can say it. >> i think did you it once, you may have to do it again. >> it’s with the lobster. you cut these up into really fine pieces. what else are we going to throw into the lobster spring rolls. >> obviously pulling greens again, just to review, we have basil, mango, cucumber, these rice vermecelli noodles. these go in the spring rolls, they get cooked first an eventually they’ll turn into this. >> ok. >> put t.j. to work. >> let’s cut the mango. julienne it. let me do one-half and you can do the other. what we’re going to do is take the flesh off the mango, and if you just cut straight down. >> are you taking notes, t.j.? >> i am. >> do one more slice, ok, and then we’re going to take the planks that we did, lie them flat. >> tell me the concept of aqua, while we have t.j. going to work. >> aqua



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