Cooking: Lobster Mac N Cheese

We’re cooking Lobster Mac N Cheese with Timmy’s One Bay Ave and Landing.
the kitchen. patrick little is with timmy’s one bay avenue.y >> wel come back, a>>n we haven one o of our favorites. >> >> yes, lobster mac and cheese. >> it’s good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. >> absolutely. >> what have we got. >> >> right here, we have penne pasta, heavyhe cream, lobster meat, a lobster claw, cracker crumbs that have been seasonedd with s heri athnd pap reak castle hills and parsley.ar this is trimix, grand lated garlic, salt and black pepper and a cheese blend, romano,ma cheddarchr jack, american professorpr loan and swiss. >> why the lobster meat and the lobster claw? >> because after we’re all done with the mixwi,he we’ll put it together, make thehe mac and cheese, the lobster meat will goil on top it. the claw will sit on top it. a mac and cheese sunday. >> you’re probably hopping this time of year. >> yes, there’s docks out in front and back, get off your boat



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