Cooking: Lobster Fra Diavolo

Making lobster fra diavolo with John Granata from Camille’s.
chef john granata and chef joe zito. gentlemen, you are cooking a fantastic dish, lobster fra diavolo. not just any lobster. >> this is a 2, 2 1/2 pound lobster. >> we have the lobster, we cut him in half, we put him in the pan, we have extra virgin olive oil. >> we’re going to finish the sauce now and joe i need you to test that pasta, see if it’s done. >> do it like do you it at home. >> are you ready? >> that’s done. it’s done. >> so basically, what we’re going to do is salt it with a little garlic. now we always season the garlic, we roast the garlic in, now we’re going to sautee garlic like the normal which we normally do. >> i notice you’re cooking the lobster in the shell. why don’t you take it out? >> because you want the shell to lend its way to the sauce because that’s where a lot of the flavor is going to come from. it comes from the tamale, and the lobster shell. >> so what’s



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