Cooking: Linguini With White Clam Sauce

Making linguini with white clam sauce with Kevin Dilibero from Newport Restaurant Group.
be cooking up linguini with white clam sauce. . >> one of my favorites. >> something i grew up on. o we have it i on high. we’re going to add a little bit of oil. add that pancetta. >> salt for flavor? >> yep. >> would you pass me those tongs? >> yep. >> going to ask you to drop this pasta into a heavily salted boiling water. >> my question about this is since it’s not a dry pasta do you have to cook it for less time? >> three minutes much the cook time is three minutes on that. >> i’ve got a stupid question. >> they ever never stupid. >> somebody once told me that in order to get your pasta from not sticking you put a little olive oil in there. >> not true. >> not true. >> not true. that’s not — that’s – a wrong — yeah, as long as the water isas boiling you’re allll set. >> you’re good. >> yeah. >> so pretty much brown the pancetta, we’re going to add the garlic, brown that up. >> ver



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