Cooking: Linguine With Pink Cream Sauce & Shrimp

We’re cooking linguine served with a pink cream sherry sauce and sautéed shrimp in the kitchen with Bob Barrow of Deck Forty Two Restaurant & Raw Bar.
thanks, courtney. >> we have seafood in thee kitchen thisis morning. deck forty-two f restaurant and raw bar on the show this mornin g. this is ownerth bob barrow. welcome. >> thank you. >> let’s talk about deck forty-two, one o f the new hot spots. >> he it’s in the former location of the old cunningham house under the wthashingtonas bridge. that sit e was actually closed for 12 years a nd we reopened it this past september 26. >> nice. you gotyo a little bit of everything, but this mytorning, we have the seafood on this. this is linguini with pink sherry cream s auce andau sauteed shrimp. no calories he tells me. >> took them all out. that’s the process we do. >> what have you god for the ingredients? >> fresh cooked f shrimp,p tomato sauce, olive o oil, freshly chopped basil, butter, linguini and sherry. >> this is prettyty simple. even a knuckle head like me can throw this together.



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