Cooking: Krabby Kakes

We’re cooking Krabby Kakes in the kitchen with Buster Krabs.
has got a lot going on in there. >> when you think summer around here, a lot of folks think about narragansett, so we’re going to take youta to narragansett, buster bu crabbe is down there,er gia and phil is here with your. krabby kakes. i was joking earlier that my son is a big spongebob fan. if i told them they’re krabby patties he might eatht them. what do we have. >> we ha ve celery, onions, oliveli oil and in tooi tohat, we’re goinge to do lump crab meat, we have pepper,er salt, palsly, mustard, dijon mustard, mayonnaise, lemon l juice, scallions, tabasco. >> what isn’t in that thing? that’s a pretty involved crab cake. tell me what’s on the menu downen there at buster crabbe? >> we have lobster questions qe — – quesadilla, this is is a buster scorpion bone, weio have a full servicell bar. >> it doesn’t i have to be summer to go down and hang out at bustamante >> at buster crabs an



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