Cooking: Johnny Cakes

Cooking Johnny cakes with Bob Burke from Pot Au Feu.
she made it. >> i’m back in the kitchen. and we are grilling up the breakfast of champions this morning. >> we sure are. >> johnny cakes. >> johnny cakes. >> got his kentucky derby bow tie on, bob burke that is. >> mint juleps. >> you can repeat this for mother’s day. let me explain to you. see this is spelled johny, now there’s another spelling, johnny, how do you know which is which? in 1937, our state legislature passed a law, said that if your johnny cake mix is made from white flint corn, the really hard corn, that is both grown and stone ground within rhode island’s borders, you can call it johnny cake. >> like the champagne region of france really. >> the badge of honor. it means that you are the official. now if you did not meet one of those requirements, maybe the white flint corn came from connecticut or you ground it somewhere else, whatever, then you have to put the h and tha



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