Cooking: Jerry’s Special Pork Loin

We cooked Jerry’s Special Pork Loin with Rhode Show Blogger Jerry Hebert.
hebert. >> he’s one of our bloggers, he came in here because he said he’s one heck of a griller. >> courtney was telling us early that the bloggers were watching jerry even in between our segments. you can watch some of our cameras streaming live on the web and they’re saying look at jerry and who is that and who is that. so we’re excited to have you here, jerry. >> thank you. >> excited to be here jerry? >> excited. >> ok. i don’t want to have to give you nitro. >> i’m ecstatic to be here. >> we’re making a pork loin. >> this is a pork loin. >> and what — >> first of all, why did you choose a pork loin? >> because i started this about three months ago, i wanted to experiment on how to cook the perfect pork loin. and — >> it took you three months to come up with the perfection? >> yes. >> mr. skwrao: has this secret dry rub. i won’t even tell juice. >> i told him some of the things. it



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