Cooking: Jameson Glazed Beef

We’re cooking Jameson Glazed Beef with The Safari Restaurant.
we’re going to head on over to the o kitchen.he pat, what’s cooking? >> safari room, oceancliff, this is brad mccoyle and he’s with the safari room. what are you cooking? >> today we’re doing a jameson glazed beef tenderloin, a guinness ragu. >> jameson andon guinnesses this morning. happy hour somewhere. >> roasted brussel sprouts. >> here’s some of o the ingredients, talk about some of the things that go into putting together this t glazed beef. ef >> we have a little jameson, or a lot, for — we’re doing jameson for rhode island newport restaurant week in newport and bristol county, march 25 through april 3, and basically, we take a little jameson, add it in to a pan, reduce it down witowh a little bit of white balsamic until it gets thick and coat our beef with it. >> sounds like a great breakfast. breakfast of champions. welcome to the t show. find thefi recipe and ingredients objec



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