Cooking: Italian Frittata

We’re cooking an Italian Frittata with Federal Hill Pizza.
look forward to that. let’s head over to the kitchen with patrick. >> one of the mney favoreiteit placesla to ease is federal e pizza in warren. so federal hill pizza, been on with us a knew times, butes this morning you ha ve a frittatyoa. a. >> we are making a frittata and this one is not going to have potatoes, but we’re going to do something on the shied. >> what have we got?ot >> well beligioioso cheese, i want to thank angela, she sent me some cheese from corporate, so we have beligioso cheese, it’s on points, ise it at the pizzeria and for everything else. we haveav some upon teen, prosciutto, salt, peutpper, basil, onions, and the next segment we’re going to throw italw l together inge a sautee pan and we’ll bring the magic to you and you can eat with bagels and bread. >> is this something you serve at your restaurant? >> absolutely not. it’s strictly for your entertainment and w



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