Cooking: Irish Meatloaf & Cajun Fries

We’re cooking Irish Meatloaf & Cajun Fries with Federal Hill Pizza.
>> don’t know about that. we try hard. >> federal hill pizza on warren, it’s a great spot. you had pizza last time, now this time you’re making something different. >> we have to because youca guys did such a great job if spinning the dough. not very good, so we’re going to do some — we’re going to do some irish meatloaf.eaf. >> per fect for an irishn i guy. >> god bless you. do you want a sharp piece of cheese. >> sure. >> we also have the proverbial pot with no water. it’s all p.r. stuff. we have great greenen onion, blue keys, goat cheese. i’ll show you guys what i’m i’ going to do with that. heavy chopped whiteit onion, cajun fries to go with the meatloaf and the anchor to this t recipe is the oatmeal . it really holds the moisture.heur so get ready. the oatmeal holds the moisture ur in thehe meatloaf, unless of course b eing you haven’t had breakfast. kf do you want breakfast? >> n



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