Cooking: Irish Boxty

Cooking Irish Boxty with Chef Joe Cozzo from Fado at Twin River.
show”, when i heard we were making potato pancake, i wasn’t too excited until joe from fido came in and told us we were going to put all different kinds of things in here. joe, temperature us about some of the things we’re going to stuff them with. >> we have four different preparations, a steak and mushroom, a cajun chicken and shrimp, a corned beef and cabbage, a traditional cheese dip, and coming out of the oven, we have a chicken quesadilla. >> with a potato pancake. >> and this is the fido’s restaurant menu. >> yes, all of them. the cheese dip and the quesadilla will be under the appetizers and the rest on the regimen knew. they needed a way to lengthen out their crop, they shredded them up and put them in pancakes. >> earlier, we were mixing up some stuff. i was making a mess in the bowl. >> it was a traditional pancake batter, which is eggs, flour, milk and we seasoned it up with



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