Cooking In Channel 3 Backyard With Blue Diamond Restaurant Manager

Cooking St. Louis ribs at with manager from Blue Diamond restaurant at Arville.
¦¦ >>> hey there, out in the channel lee backyard and we’re grilling up a storm with the restaurant manager at blue diamond. you’re gonna take us through with some st. louis ribs. what are st. louis ribs. >> it’s the front part of the rib on the front part of the pig right here. >> okay. and our photographer clint said that’s a mighty fine swine. >> it’s a big piece of meat. >> what do we do. >> we throw on some seasoning. we like to lightly season our stuff with celery sed. >> and what’s this stuff this? is what makes us famous right here. this is some secret stuff. and we grind it through our sifter here to make sure all those brown sugars and seasonings are all evenly coating this rib. >> can we throw it right on the grill now? >> no. we tap it off to get al those extra seasonings off and we throw that in the smoker. we have a nice smoker and we’l smoke that for several hours with t



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