Cooking: Halibut Over Edamame Hummus

Cooking halibut over edamame hummus with Chef Angie Armenise from Waterplace Restaurant.
>> welcome back. we’re in the “the rhode show” kitchen this morning and i am a muki mommy. i don’t know what that means. >> edame’s baby. >> we’re making a great dish with edamame and hue hummus. i wish you guys to taste it at home. >> it is well worth making it. especially high protein, high fiber. all good stuff. >> what are we making today. >> we’re doing a braced baby bok choy with asian marinade, we’re going to roast that off and pan sear halibut. we have an asian pear, mataki broth. clean flavors. healthy. >> it works well at water place restaurant, if you don’t know about it, boy, you’re missing something, downtown providence, right on the water. angie is the executive chef down there. you guys got it all going. >> we do. >> this is a brand new menu. >> brand knew menu. debuts wednesday. >> what do you need me to do? >> i’m going to have you cut these for me, all the way down, put



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