Cooking: Grilling With Special Spices

Grilling with special spices with Chef Christopher Palios from Sophia’s Tuscan Grille in Warwick.
of best chefs you’ll know. chris palios from sophia acetous can grill. tell us where you’re located. >> we’re located 1729 warwick avenue in warwick. >> fantastic. that’s go to where we picked up last. we have a nice new york cut, we have our own homemade rubs. >> yes, sir, from your restaurant. >> and we used the zesty osteoporosis — zesty expresso, looks a little bit like coffee and it’s nice and it’s still on my fingers, so it’s proof that i’ve been working hard. now we’ve got the prawns, we have this all done, we have it rubbed, we have extra virgin olive oil. that’s ready to grill. now we have our prawns. let’s talk about our prawns and what we’re going to do with that. >> the first thing we’re going to do is add a little extra virgin olive oil, right over the prawns and what we’ll do is go for our spicey sicilian rub. this has sill sighan owe regular grow, roasted garlic and a lot



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