Cooking: Grilled Swordfish And Mango Salsa

Cooking grilled swordfish and mango salsa with Pranzi Catering.
cateri and yound jt told me mething intesmeting. th pranzi catering doesn’t just act as aer. ey have also act as wedding planner. ll me about so me of mthth services. >> soups touts. we can help the bride fd a venue, wcahelp withlorals, musicians, dejays, favors, wedding cakes. >> ande sa some beautiful sweethea rtableettings thatth you showed just ash minut ago, whh we rwheally nice. one her thing i haveng toav draw w onefore wee start, la just ntiod th ifn the next mont somne booksith prai caters a said they w this segmt the e show,” you’llctually throw in what for free? >> cplimenry weddingake. >> and look at this weddingake have rit here. thiss jutunng. are thesedie, these flower >> yes .>> if i might ask,hat would something likehat estimatedst at? >> that cake righthere is about ,200. >> $1,200. 1, >> bute ha them starting a 00, $500. many differe price points. >> that’sretty good.



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