Cooking: Grilled Spicy Shrimp Salad

Cooking with the students from Warwick Area Career and Technical Center.
>> welcome back to “the rhode show” kitchen. we are some students who are going to be representing little rodeie, and we’re going to be — your guys are going to represent the whole state, because you’re just one of about eight schools that were selected to compete in this. that’s a big deal. now alexi is french. and he speaks french. say something to me in french. anything at all. >> i’m not sure. >> say — tell me how are you today. today. >> [speaking in french] >> when you say it like that, it just takes on a whole new meaning, alexi. let me first of all start of off, we’re going to have shrimp as the protein on this salad, right, and what is this shrimp marinating in. >> it’s marinating in lemon juice, oil, apartmentple cider vinegar, palsly,time and margarine. i’m going to put this on the grill and i want to get the nice grill marks on here. >> now, ray is a teacher at the warwick



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