Cooking: Grilled Shrimp And Tomato Marinade

We cooked Grilled Shrimp and Tomato Marinade with Allison Parker.
where you’re from. >> i am from johnston, road island. >> what sparked your love of cooking? >> i love to entertain, i love watching food preparation programs. >> i know, me that. food network. you can say it. who is your favorite on food network? >> ina. she’s in paris. >> she has the fabulous friends, cooks a little dinner for them, everybody comes over, she has a great backyard. and i love giata, but i do not let my husband watch her because she is a beautiful woman that can cook and i do not. tell me about, what are we going to do, because we whisked together a little bit of oil. what went on the marinade? >> into the marinade, we have red wine vinegar, tomato sauce, garlic, fresh basil, which i cannot emphasize the importance of fresh herbs over the hideous dried herbs. >> it ry makes such a difference. >> absolutely, in the aroma, the color, the flavor. >> so true. >> absolutely. >



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