Cooking: Grilled Filet

Making grilled filet with Kevin Delibero from Newport Restaurant Group.
of rhode island. kevin delibero from the newport restaurant group and you have brought us a potpourri of steak. >> we have a 38-ounce porter house, 24-ounce porter house, a 12-ounce fillet, a 16-ounce dry aged kansas city cut and then we have 8-ounce fillets that we’re going to place right on, that’s the 8-ounce, and this is the sirloin, so pretty much all of our beef at bones is prime beef. >> and we’re going to walk you right through a signature dish that’s been on our menu since day one. >> go right ahead. >> so we’re going to do a yukon goldmaned potatoes, just a little bit of oil in that will be great. >> what do i do kevin? >> i’m going to drain these potatoes for you. about a tablespoon of oil. drain these right here for you. >> you’ve left us alone. dangerous. >> this could get crazy. >> that’s all right. >> but yeah, i can see, you can hear the heat — >> you can hear it sear. >



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