Cooking: Grilled Diver Scallops

We’re cooking grilled diver scallops with lemon basil vinaigrette and cabana slaw with Chef Martin Quinn of Pineapples on the Bay Hyatt Regency Newport.
let’s head over to h t he kitchen right now. patrick. >> marty quinn from the hyatt regency in newport. great weekend to go down to new port. this morni ng we haveng h grilled diver’s scallopsll with lemon basill vinaigerette. ig >> that’sha one of our offerings ngat pineapples grill onin the bay. >> name of the>> restaurant. >> yes, that’s our outdoor bar and grill and we just did a lot of renovations tova it so it looks absolutely beausotiful. ti if you’ve been there in the past, it’s well worth coming back a gain. if you haven’t beenn there, please come. >> i’m sure it’s going to bego a great spot this weekend. let’s talk about some of theseef ingredients. >> first, before ifo talk about thee ingredients, one of the drinks that we offerff is a gala sangria. >> thank you very much. >> what we did is we steeped the apples, there’s red and greanen apples andap strawberries in some apple



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