Cooking: Grilled Chicken Penne

Cooking grilled chicken penne with broccoli rabe with Chef LJ Tomaselli.
in the kitchen this morning, l.j. from tomaselli’s brothers has been talking about cool zone — calzone, what happened? >> we won best calzone. >> this morning we are cooking up, tell me about the dish? >> we’re making penne with grilled chicken and rabe. >> vince is going to help with the heavy lifting. i’m going to start grilling the chicken. so i just throw it on here. >> throw it on there. >> tell people where tomaselli brothers is located? >> we’re on 693 oakland avenue in cranston. >> she didn’t do anything special to the chicken? >> no. just put it on the grill. get the grill hot. >> tell us about the restaurant, tell us if i walk in there, what can i expect to see on the menu? >> basically what we’re known for is calazones and pizza. we have 14, 15calazones already prepared. we do pizza trays. >> there are not a lot of places where you can find by the slice pizza. >> we have bake



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