Cooking: Gnocchi

The Rhode Show makes gnocchi with Chef Joe from Gracie’s
a little different than some people are used to. a lot of people are used to it with the red gravy. you make it different. >> a lot of people do with it boulannaise. we’re always look for sides. once you go through rice and beans and all that stuff, like what else are you going to serve. so we came up with gnocchi as a side dish. now it’s our best seller. >> you’re saying this is a lot lighter than what you may be used to. >> that was the thing, i had some gnocchi at another place, way back and it was so light. so it was just like an obsession for two years, so winded up trying to get the recipe to where it was really light and not heavy in your stomach. >> which is what i used to have on sunday afternoons. >> my girlfriend calls them her buffet pan. >> the gnocchi has been boiled, it’s been taken out of the water. >> and you say you boil till it floats. >> zimmer until itloats. we coate



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