Cooking: Gnocchetti Alla Sorrentina

Cooking: Gnocchetti alla Sorrentina
i want to go over what you did. you boiled potatoes with the skin on. >> and then i passed them through the slicer. it looks likeice. >> all kind of, you know, kind of cutouts here. i was saying it looks like a torture device, but a pretty useful tour when you’re making gnocchetti. you put it in this bowl and add a little flour. >> the flour, grated parmesan cheese, salt an one egg. >> what i love about this, these are all ads that people will have at home, if they don’t have the ricing thing, should they use a cheese shredder. >> you can use a potato masher, make sure you mash very fine. >> what are we going to do next. >> put it altogether. it’s already a mix. make it in a big bowl. >> ok. it’s got a little bounce back to it. it tonight go flat, i guess because of the water andest egg and some of that stuff. >> that’s pretty much it. >> and we’re going to put it on a cutting board. >>



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