Cooking: Gingers Salmon & Quinoa

We’re cooking Ginger Salmon en Papillote on a bed of mushroom and asparagus quinoa with ‘Lion King’ actor Nicholas Carriere.
kitchen with patrick.he >> this is>> nick from lion kingon cast, he plays scar in lion king playing at ppac. >> good morning, how are you. >> how do you like providence? >> i love providence. i’m actually from here,re southern massachusetts, so i grew up sort in the area and i’m familiar with and it’s really nice to beto back. >> so you’re also a a cook i understand. >> well,l, yeah. do i a lot of things at home, they tell me to make the meals, i cook. >> what have we got this morning. >> we’re doing gingergi saln with asparagus and mushroom quinoa, which is a grain i discovered from soutsch america. >> is this your recipe? >> living on the road, i throw things together, a lot of experimentation, ipe do a lot ofot things wrong, sometimes i figure e things out and this igss one of the things i figured out. >> this is great you can do this. being on the road so much, there’ s the temptatio



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