Cooking: Game Time Food

We’re cooking game time food with Ronzio’s Pizza.
patric k, what are we cooking up today? >> we have pizza this morning. ronzio’s pizza is here on “the rhode show.” good morning, guys. welcome to the showew. >> great to be here. >> i’ve got a big beef with the patriots, because you folks supposed to be planning for all the afc championship game parties, the super bowl parties, with your pizza, but unform, theyth didn’t hold — unfortunately, they didn’t holdhe up their end of the deal. >> i went to theto game, it g was kind of cold when they were losing. >> there is still football and other events to plan for. what do you have this morning? ni this is a fancy dish? >> we>> he some toppings for our pizza, we have mac & cheese ma for pizzar we’re going to make. bacon — >> every loves mac & cheese. i grew up on i t.on >> you canou put it on everything. >> we’re>> goingoi to do steakte arrabiatta pizza, which is a spicey pizza.pi >



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