Cooking: Frittatas

Making frittatas with Chef Derek Wagner from Nick’s on Broadway.
for those of you who don’t know. >> the french called it omelette, the spanish tortilla, everyone has their own name for it. we serve both at the restaurant, so when we do the smaller ones, we fold those over, we call those omelettes and the bigger ones in the oven we call fruitattas. >> we have a killing going today. >> are you up for this? >> i am up for this. >> she’s going down. going down. >> most important thing, we get all our ingredients ready, because if we don’t have them ready, we’re going to have a big accident. so we have our pans getting warm, i’m going to start you guys off with a little bit of oil in the bottom of the pan. as you can see, i cheated. i already started mine here. >> i can hear michelle. michelle is is in my ear here. >> you’re going to start spinach and ham with yours, vince. >> what am i go to do? >> you’re going to start with mushrooms. hold it nice and c



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