Cooking For Two With Chef

Cooking for Two
morning maryland” on this friday. you have plans for dinner. coming for the valentine’s day weekend, don’t go out to eat. stay home and impress your significant other and friends. cook. who better than to help us is owner of a restaurant in tread ribbing. it — frederick. it seems to be a basic meal starting off with a beef stew. that’s the main course? >> it is. the idea is to get together with friends family. if you don’t have a date on valentine’s day or don’t have aby-sitter. do something that’s simple. it’s a rye pasta that’s accompanyment to the beef stew. a little bit about the beef stew it will be on the website the recipe. >> the rye pasta and it’s going to be healthier than in a grocery store? >> yes. i made it at the restaurant. but, this recipe has a little bit of cheese in it, too which is a little add a little richness. beef stew i made with short ribs in this case. a littl



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