Cooking For A Million

She’s been cooking since she was a young girl in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother…so you could say JoAnne Rod-a-Maker Rademacher has been preparing for what’s to come this April for a long time. JoAnne is one of one hundred finalists in the Pillsbury Bake-Off that will be held in Orlando, Florida. The grand prize for cooking up the best recipe? A cool million dollars! Perry Olson takes us into her kitchen new Foxholm. It tastes as good as it sounds…Orange-Cherry-Almond Pinwheels…and that is because JoAnne Rademacher is a whiz in the kitchen…and that is a good thing…because she is about to expense something a little odd… (JoAnne Rademacher – Pillsbury Bake-Off Contestant) “I am used to a lot of commotion when I am cooking…but not an audience! That is going to be different.” As one of one hundred finalists she is taking her pinwheels to compete against the best of the best… (JoAnne Rademacher – Pillsbury Bake-Off Contestant) “They set up 100 kitchens in a ballroom at the hotel and you make the recipe there.” That recipe was created by her just for this event Monday she took us through the process of making it…giving me a lesson in cooking as well. (JoAnne Rademacher – Pillsbury Bake-Off Contestant) “Leave about a half an inch at the top so you can pinch it together. (Perry) “I was almost messing up” (JoAnne Rademacher – Pillsbury Bake-Off Contestant) “Almost but not! I hope I don’t make that mistake in Orlando!” JoAnne has been making these pinwheels plenty lately putting the dried cherries, almonds, orange zest, and filling in there…and there is a way to make sure it comes out just right…rolling it up… (JoAnne Rademacher – Pillsbury Bake-Off Contestant) “Take these ends and just squish them in. So you get a tight effect and just keep rolling it in” An hour in the refrigerator makes cutting them easier as you get them ready for the oven… (JoAnne Rademacher – Pillsbury Bake-Off Contestant) “You even get chocolate at breakfast so it doesn’t get much better than that.” 18 to 20 minutes at 350 and voila award winning breakfast…which I of course couldn’t keep my hands off for too long! (JoAnne Rademacher – Pillsbury Bake-Off Contestant) “What do you think?” (Perry) “I just had a quarter of that…that was about a $250,000 bite right there!” (JoAnne Rademacher – Pillsbury Bake-Off Contestant) “Alright! I like to hear that!” JoAnne is the state’s only finalist she’ll have four hours to work and I’d say she’s got a pretty good shot at the million dollar grand prize. We wish her good luck…oh, and thanks for breakfast! Perry Olson, KX News. Wondering how JoAnne’s recipe might fare against 99 challengers? You can see her recipe and the rest at the Pillsbury Bake-Off website. Log on to: www.pillsbury.com/bakeoff then click on ‘Finalists’ to see it all.



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