Cooking: Flambéed Cherries And Ice Cream

We’re cooking flambéed cherries and valhrona white chocolate ice cream with Executive Chef Thomas Duffy of Spiced Pear Restaurant.
kitchen. patrick, what’s going on there. >> courtney, you’re talking t ngpawtucket arts barbados and i would love to be in barbados right now and this morning,ni chef thomas duffthy from the surprised pear – – spicedd pear at the th chandler. >> we’re making fresh cherrieser flambeed with chocolate,. >> break thatak down for me. >> it’s a cake, and you flambeed the cherries, and w the ice cream. what kind of chocolate is that? >> white chocolate. >> white chocolate ice cream. do you have any more besideses this little scoop here, because, i don’t know what everybody else is going to eat. >> i brought extra for you. >> perfect t. chef thomas duffy d from spiced pea sr at ther chandler. much more from theom kitchen,en recipe and ingrecidientsnd on line at foxprovidence.com. en but for now, back tofo you. >> well, finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be a tall order, but y



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