Cooking Fish Reuben

Today in the Rhode Show Kitchen we’re making Fish Reuben with Chef Mike Cote of Blount Clam Shack.
some clam cakes. >> or fish reuben. >> or fish reuben, which i have actually never had before. chef mike is here from blount’s clam shack and you guys actually have a couple locations. >> we have one atryside and a smaller menu, but we bring more stuff in. >> and your main one is in warren. >> warren street. >> michelle was telling us this morning that she really liked it. we’re going to get started frying these up. justin white, our floor director, was very interested in the type of oil that you guys use. tell me about this. >> it’s called a non-transfat free oil. >> it’s a little healthier. >> little healthier for everybody. >> and what — what is it a soy oil? >> soy oil. >> let’s get started with this haddock, because i actually tried the one that i made before and it was pretty good. >> you guys cut your own haddock? — catch your haddock. >> we get it from blount fine foods. we hav



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